First blog post

Hello all, and welcome.

We’re new here, but very excited to be here. We’re Michaela and Lauren! For more info on us, check out the about link up top, and if you’re interested in watching this blog grow, hit that follow button.

We just wanted to talk about the content of this blog. The “why” we started this blog is also covered in the about section, but we mainly wanted an outlet to share all our recipes, advice, vegan life hacks and most importantly reach out to the wonderful community and answer questions.

The content posted here will be all of the things mentioned above, our favorite recipes and our own recipes. Our most helpful advice and suggestions, as well as any helpful hacks that make being vegan way easier. Opinions galore on things like vegan beauty products, cleaning products and of course FOOD. Vegan restaurants and non declared vegan places, what to order etc. And most likely, probably, definitely our fur babies because they are such characters and so hilarious.

Dinner Dash

Hey Everyone!

Today’s post is going to be a review on Amy’s Thai Green Curry meal as well as the small grocery haul that went with it. I’m just going to be very honest and tell you all that I spent 90% of the day thinking about making the curry for dinner. So with that being said it took only about ten minutes to make it! One pan and that was it! Amy’s serving size says two but in Lauren’s serving size it came out to one. It was good but not the best. I think the sauce was a little over powering that I couldn’t taste the vegetables in it (sweet potato, green beans, squash etc.). If you’re in a hurry and have a massive craving for curry then this is up your alley! Otherwise I would suggest sticking to homemade or a quick vegan takeout. I must say that my favorite curry recipe is CookieandKates Thai Red Curry. You can find the recipe here. It is the best curry I have ever had! I promise you won’t be disappointed so go check them out & send love! blog pic

As for the grocery haul well lets just say I went way over on my budget…I should know by now not to go grocery shopping while i’m hungry. I ended up getting the last bag of frozen Chickn Crispy Tenders from Gardein! Couldn’t pass that up. I also got Beeflees Ground from Gardein which are so satisfying! I have already used them with a very good red pasta sauce from a local deli on top of pasta spirals! Let me just inform you all now that I have a massive sweet tooth and it might be the death of me. So I try, key word try, to make good sweet tooth decisions and one that doesn’t even feel as though i’m sacrificing is choosing to buy Lemon Coco-Roons! They are hands-down the best at satisfying the craving and a way for me to not feel guilty afterwards and during the process of stuffing my face. I plan on making many meals with all that I had bought even though it doesn’t look like much it’s all about creativity!


till next time, Lauren

Favorite go to vegan products

I would say one of the toughest aspects of converting to a completely vegan lifestyle is the products you use. Whether that be beauty products or cleaning products. But I would venture to say one for the most important aspects if you’re going plant based/vegan for animal rights reasons. Of course a plant based diet is saving lives and improving the environment, but animal testing is a hard cross to bear and why would you want animal products and byproducts in things you’re putting on your body, if you don’t want them in your body?

I use pretty minimal beauty/body products, and my cleaning product stash is probably just as comparable. To save you the long hours of researching not only vegan and cruelty free products, but those that have good reviews and are worth buying, I’ve put together this list that I hope helps you out.

B E A U T Y / B O D Y

  1. Tarte Cosmetics. Now, Tarte can be pretty pricey if you’re used to drug store makeup and beauty products like I was (I still do the plain jane makeup I did in middle school if we’re being honest) but this company is worth it. Not only do they provide high quality products but they also have a very clean track record when it comes to animal testing. I love their lip stains and concealer. But all of their products are up for grabs in a vegan lifestyle.
  2. Mascara. I am a  huge fan of the brand Pacifica, and their mascara is a top favorite of mine. Again, if you’re used to drugstore prices it might not be up your alley, which is why I only use it every now and then. A great cost effective alternative is elf brand mascara. I honestly can’t tell the difference but my wallet can.
  3. Toner by The Body Shop. Love this brand, and I am a huge fan of the tea tree toner. Cruelty free, vegan, smells great, and my skin loves it. My skin is pretty sensitive and I still often get breakouts from certain products and this doesn’t affect me.
  4. Toothpaste. This one is hard, and is going to take a bit of trial and error for each person to find what you like. But these are the pastes I’ve found to work well, not be chalky, and clean really well. Xyliwhite is a great brand that I’ll probably stick to for a long time. It’s not one that’s as advertised as Toms or natures gate, but it rocks. It cleans really well, it has a nice intense mint flavor, and the one I prefer has baking soda. I like the platinum mint flavor. Another good brand I like is Tea Tree Therapy tea tree toothpaste. It’s a good cleaner, and leaves you with fresh breath. This is more paste-y than a gel, like the Xyliwhite is. I’ll be honest, sometimes we still buy Colgate toothpaste. I know I know, shame on me. But it is hard to keep up especially when you run out and don’t have that extra tube, and it’s late…excuses I know. But life happens. These vegan toothpastes can also be a bit pricey if you have a big family, or run through toothpaste really quickly.
  5. Shampoos + Conditioners. This is another tough one to truly find what works for you. But I am a big fan of natures gate shampoo and conditioner. I use the tea tree scent, but they are all great. My hair is clean and soft after, however you will notice a difference in texture of your hair. It’s all natural so your hair wont be silky smooth right after washing. Once it dries it’s your normal hair, but during the drying process it can get very tangled. Am I the only one that knows what I’m talking about? Another favorite is Truly Organic. The ingredients are almost nonexistent there’s so little, and they do a great job getting the gunk and dirt out of your hair.
  6. Body Wash. DOCTOR BRONNERS. I can’t scream it loud enough. This company is amazing, cruelty free, vegan, and you can use it for everything. My favorite scent is, you guessed it, peppermint. It’s a great body wash, seriously cleans you, and smells up your whole bathroom. I have no other recommendations, because this is my favorite product of all time. You’ll see it again in the cleaning supplies…curious? Stay tuned.

Surprised? I told you…plain jane beauty routine. I’ve sampled many vegan products, but these are the ones I know to work, love, and use pretty much everyday.

C L E A N I N G / H O U S E H O L D

  1. Dr Bronners. Hey again, like I said, this stuff is amazing. You can use it for almost everything. Body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, cleaning. It comes in a huge bottle and is kind of a concentrated liquid. So it’s all in how you dilute it. I’ve tried using it as a toothpaste, can’t recommend, but for everything else yes please.
  2. Method. This is also another great company to go with if you want less chemicals in the cleaning supplies in your home. It’s cruelty free and plant derived. I use the method all purpose grapefruit spray, as well as the spearmint bathroom disinfecting spray. They smell great and clean very well. Even my cleaning obsessed sister uses this brand.
  3. Mrs Meyers. I love their hand soaps and dish soaps. They take a lot of pride in not testing on animals and not having any animal derivatives in their products. The lavender scent is my favorite for dishes, and basil for hand soap.Didn’t go as in depth on the cleaning supplies, because as long as they work, are vegan, and promote healthy living that’s what matters right?

    I want to know if you guys have ever used any of these products or have other favorites! Let me know in the comments, I always love trying new brands.